Marine Debris Database

Cleanup Data

Protocol Description
Year Started
Created By
Save Our Shores


Label Unit Description Internal Field
6-pack Rings Count Plastic_6_pack_rings
Bags Count Plastic_bags
Ballons or Ribbons Count Plastic_balloons_ribbons
Batteries Count Small_batteries
Beach/Site Text REQUIRED for sites - Name of event site. Cleanup_site_name
Bottle Caps or Can Pulls Count Metal_caps_lids_pull_tabs
Buoys or Floats Count Styrofoam_buoys_floats
Beverage Cans Count Metal_beverage_cans
Cardboard, Newspapers, Magazines Count Paper_cardboard_newspaper_magazine
Cigarette Butts Count Number of cigarette butts Cigarette_butts
Disposable Lighters Count Number of cigarette lighters Cigarette_lighters
Clothes or Towels Count Clothing_towels_shoes
Contact Email Email Address Coordinator_email
Contact Phone Phone Number Coordinator_phone_type
Cups or Food Containers Count Styrofoam_food_containers_dishes
Food Containers, Cups, Plates Count Paper_dishes_containers
Cups, Straws, or Utensils Count Plastic_cups_utensils
Date Date REQUIRED for sites, date of event Cleanup_date_start
Diapers or Other Sanitary Items Count Sanitary_items
Fireworks Count Fireworks
Fishing Line Count Plastic_fishing_line
Fishing Hooks or Lures Count Metal_fishing_hooks_lures
Fishing Net or Rope Count General_fishing_net_or_rope
Bottles Count Number of glass bottles found Glass_bottles
Pieces Count Glass_pieces
Group Name Text Group name of clean up participants Cleanup_group_name
Group Contact Phone Number Coordinator_phone
Lids or Caps Count Plastic_caps_lids
Metal: Other or Pieces Count Metal_pieces
# of Volunteers Count Total number of volunteers at event Total_Volunteers
Other (please write in anything else you have found) Text Additional details and activites that took place at cleanup event Other_1_text
Peanuts or Packing Materials Count Styrofoam_packaging
Pallets or Wood Count Number of pallets Pallets
Pieces Count Paper_pieces
Paper Products Count Number of pieces of paper collected. Paper
Bottles Count Plastic_bottles
Pieces Count Plastic_pieces
Point Person Text Coordinator_name
Pounds of Recyclables pounds None Pounds_recyclables
Pounds of Trash pounds None Pounds_trash
Pieces Count Styrofoam_pieces
Syringes or Needles Count Number of syringes Syringes
Total pounds Total pounds of debris collected at event Total_pounds_collected