Marine Debris Database

Cleanup Data Card

Protocol Description
The survey should not take more than 20 minutes, and with practice it may take 15 minutes or less to complete. The team begins the survey at one end of the selected reach. One team member (the “streambank person”) begins walking along the bank (where possible), looking for any trash on the stream (or shore) bank, or above the high water line, and tallies any trash items found on the trash assessment sheet. The other person (the “streambed person”) walks along the stream bed, or in the water at shorelines, and shouts out any trash items found in the water body for the person on land to tally on the trash assessment sheet. The person tallying the trash notes on the sheet whether the trash was found in the stream and below the high water line, or above the high water line (i.e., tally lines for below high water line (|), and tally dots or circles (•) for above the high water line). This will help for assigning scores for the worksheet.
Year Started
Created By
Santa Barbara Channel Keepers


Label Unit Description Internal Field
Aluminum Foil Count Metal_aluminum_foil
Aluminum or Steel Cans Count Metal_beverage_cans
Appliances Count Home_appliances
Auto Parts (specify) Count Number of cars or car parts Cars_car_parts
Auto Parts (specify) Count Number of tires Number_Tires
Balloons Count Plastic_balloons_ribbons
Bottle Caps Count Metal_caps_lids
Bricks Count Bricks
Cardboard Count Paper_cardboard_newspaper_magazine
Ceramic Pots/Shards Count Ceramic_pieces
Chemical Containers Count Chemical_containers
Cigarette Butts Count Number of cigarette butts Cigarette_butts
Concrete (not placed) Count Concrete_debris
Date/Time Date REQUIRED for sites, date of event Cleanup_date_start
Dead Animals Count Dead_animals
Fishing Line Count Number of pieces of fishing line General_fishing_line
Foam Rubber Count Foam_rubber
Food Waste Count Food_waste
Furniture Count Furniture
Garbage Bags of Trash Count Number_garbage_bags
Glass Bottles Count Number of glass bottles found Glass_bottles
Glass Pieces Count Glass_pieces
Golf Balls Count Golf_balls
Hard Plastic Pieces Count Plastic_hard_pieces
Hose Pieces Count General_hose_pieces
Human Waste/Diapers Count Number of diapers Diapers
Leaf Litter Piles Count Leaf_litter
Lighters Count Number of cigarette lighters Cigarette_lighters
Metal Object Count Metal_pieces
Metal Pipe Segments Count Metal_pipe
Monitoring Group Text Number or name of monitoring group Monitoring_group
Natural Fabric (cotton, wool) Count Natural_fabric
Oil/Surfactant on Water Count Oil_surfactant_on_water
Paper Count Paper_pieces
Pet Waste Count Pet_waste
Plastic Bags Count Plastic_bags
Plastic Bottle Caps Count Plastic_bottle_caps_rings
Plastic Bottles Count Plastic_bottles
Plastic Cup Lid/Straw Count Plastic_lids_straws
Plastic Pipe Segments Count Plastic_pipe
Plastic Six-Pack Rings Count Plastic_6_pack_rings
Plastic Wrapper Count Plastic_food_wrappers
Rebar Count Rebar
Shopping Carts Count Shopping_carts
Site Description (Station No.) Text Site_description
Small Batteries Count Small_batteries
Soft Plastic Pieces Count Plastic_soft_pieces
Spray Paint Cans Count Spray_paint_cans
Staff Text Coordinator_name
Styrofoam Cups Pieces Count Styrofoam_pieces
Styrofoam Pellets Count Styrofoam_packaging
Synthetic Fabric Count Synthetic_fabric
Synthetic Rubber Count Synthetic_rubber
Syringes or Pipettes Count Number of syringes Syringes
Tarp Count Number of plastic tarps or plastic sheeting Plastic_tarps_sheeting
Tennis Balls Count Tennis_balls
Vehicle Batteries Count Car_batteries
Waterbody/Stream Text REQUIRED for sites - Name of event site. Cleanup_site_name
Wire (barb, chicken wire, etc.) Count Metal_wire
Wood debris Count processed lumber Wood_debris
Yard Waste (including trees) Count Yard_waste