Marine Debris Database


Protocol Description
Year Started
Created By
Oregon SOLV


Label Unit Description Internal Field
Adult Volunteers Count Number of volunteers who are over 18 years old at cleanup event. Number_adult_volunteers
AdultTrainees Count Number_adult_trainees
Area Cleared (sq ft) square feet Total area covered by cleanup Cleanup_area
Plant/Tree Cages Count Plant_tree_cages_installed
City Text Nearest city to where cleanup was located City
Closed Site Text Open_or_Closed_Site
Closest City Text Closest_city
coffeebags Count Food_waste
Comments Text Additional comments. May include position range and may note mult. pot entaglements Comments
Event Coordinator Phone Text Coordinator_phone
County Text REQUIRED for site - County where event took place County
Cuttings Text Cuttings_performed
DirectionsToSite Text Directions_to_cleanup
End Date Date The end date of the cleanup Cleanup_date_end
End Time Text Cleanup_end_time
Estimated True/False Estimated_by_Previous_Years
EventDt Date REQUIRED for sites, date of event Cleanup_date_start
Event Name Text Event_name
Glass Count Glass_pieces
Invasives True/False Invasives
Litter True/False Litter
Maint True/False Maintenance
MaxVolunteers Count Maximum_volunteers
MeetingLocation Text Name of meeting location for cleanup site Meeting_location
MinVolunteers Count Minimum_volunteers
Mulch Spread Count Mulch_spread
Narrative Results Text Description of how the cleanup event went. Narrative_of_results
Native Trees Planted True/False Native_plants_planted
Number Tires Count Number of tires Number_Tires
NumOfSites Count Number_of_sites
PaidCrew Count Paid_cleanup_crew
Paper Count Number of pieces of paper collected. Paper
Planned Activities Text Description of activity that was planned Planned_activities
Plastics Count Number of plastic pieces found during cleanup event Plastics
PoundsGreen pounds None Pounds_green
Pounds Tires pounds None Pounds_Tires
PoundsTrash pounds None Pounds_trash
PrioritySite True/False True or False Question: Is this a priority site? Priority_site
Program Text Program_name
Scrap Metal Count Metal_pieces
Was this a school-based service-learning project? Yes or No. Yes/No School_service_learning_project
Native Shrubs Planted Count Shrubs_planted
Project Site Address Text Address of the cleanup location Cleanup_address
Project Site Name Text REQUIRED for sites - Name of event site. Cleanup_site_name
State Text REQUIRED for site - State where event took place State
Zip Text Zipcode
Spanish True/False Spanish_Translation_Available
staking Count Staking_performed
StartTime Text Clean up start and end time of the event. Cleanup_start_and_end_time
Status Text Status
Status Notes Text Status_notes
Storm Drain Marking Count Storm_drain_marking
StreamBioEngineering Count Stream_bio_engineering
Students Count Number_students
StudentTrainees Count Number_student_trainees
TeacherTrainees Count Number_Teacher_Trainees
Total Volunteers Count Total number of volunteers at event Total_Volunteers
Native Trees Planted True/False Native_plants_planted
WaiversRecieved Date Waiver_recieved
Year Text Year
Youth Volunteers Count Number of volunteers who are younger than 18 years old at clean up event Number_youth_volunteers
YouthTrainees Count Number_youth_trainees