Marine Debris Database

Cleanup Data (7-24-2012)

Protocol Description
Year Started
Created By
Oregon SOLV


Label Unit Description Internal Field
Adult Volunteers Count Number of volunteers who are over 18 years old at cleanup event. Number_adult_volunteers
Adult Trainees Count Number_adult_trainees
Area Cleared (sq ft) square feet Total area covered by cleanup Cleanup_area
Plant/Tree Cages Count Plant_tree_cages_installed
City Text Nearest city to where cleanup was located City
Closed Site Text Open_or_Closed_Site
Closest City Text Closest_city
Coffee Bags Count Item that prevents weeds from growing Weed_barrier
Comments Text Additional comments. May include position range and may note mult. pot entaglements Comments
Event Coordinator Phone Text Coordinator_phone
County Text REQUIRED for site - County where event took place County
Cuttings Text Cuttings_performed
Directions To Site Text Directions_to_cleanup
End Date Date The end date of the cleanup Cleanup_date_end
End Time Text Cleanup_end_time
Estimated True/False Estimated_by_Previous_Years
Event Date Date REQUIRED for sites, date of event Cleanup_date_start
Event Name Text Event_name
Glass Count Glass_pieces
Invasives True/False Invasives
Litter True/False Litter
Maintenance True/False Maintenance
Max Volunteers Count Maximum_volunteers
Meeting Location Text Name of meeting location for cleanup site Meeting_location
Min Volunteers Count Minimum_volunteers
Mulch Spread Count Mulch_spread
Narrative Results Text Description of how the cleanup event went. Narrative_of_results
Tires Count Number of tires Number_Tires
Number of Sites Count Number_of_sites
Paid Crew Count Paid_cleanup_crew
Paper Count Number of pieces of paper collected. Paper
Planned Activities Text Description of activity that was planned Planned_activities
Plastics Count Number of plastic pieces found during cleanup event Plastics
Pounds Green pounds None Pounds_green
Pounds Tires pounds None Pounds_Tires
Pounds Trash pounds None Pounds_trash
Priority Site True/False True or False Question: Is this a priority site? Priority_site
Program Text Program_name
Scrap Metal Count Metal_pieces
Was this a school-based service-learning project? Yes or No. Yes/No School_service_learning_project
Native Shrubs Planted Count Shrubs_planted
Project Site Address Text Address of the cleanup location Cleanup_address
Project Site Name Text REQUIRED for sites - Name of event site. Cleanup_site_name
State Text REQUIRED for site - State where event took place State
Zip Text Zipcode
Spanish True/False Spanish_Translation_Available
staking Count Staking_performed
Start Time Text Time of day the clean up started Cleanup_start_time
Status Text Status
Status Notes Text Status_notes
Storm Drain Marking Count Storm_drain_marking
Stream Bio-Engineering Count Stream_bio_engineering
Students (Pre-K-Higher Ed) Count Number_students
Student Trainees Count Number_student_trainees
SubProgram Text SubProgram_name
Teacher Trainees Count Number_school_staff_trainees
Total Volunteers Count Total number of volunteers at event Total_Volunteers
Native Trees Planted True/False Native_trees_planted
Waivers Received Date Waiver_recieved
Year Text Year
Youth Volunteers (0-18) Count Number of volunteers who are younger than 18 years old at clean up event Number_youth_volunteers
Youth Trainees Count Number_youth_trainees