Marine Debris Database

Derelict Fishing Gear

Protocol Description
Year Started
Created By
Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW)


Label Unit Description Internal Field
Anemones Count DG_Number_Anemones
Comments Text DG_Notes
Cotton Condition Text Was the escape cord intact (yes/no/NA) DG_Escape_Cord_Intact
Date Date Date that the debris was removed DG_Debris_Removed_Date
Dead Crabs Count All Dungeness crab that are not alive, regardless of size or sex of the crab DG_Number_Dead_Crabs
# Females Count Number of female Dungeness crabs DG_Number_Female_Crabs
Fin Fish Count DG_Number_Finfish
Lat 0.m minutes.000 DG_Debris_Latitude_Minute.000
Lat m minutes DG_Debris_Latitude_Minute
# Legal Crabs Count Number of commercially legal (6 1/4 inches or larger) Dungeness crab in a retrieved pot DG_Number_Legal_Crabs
Long 0.m minutes.000 DG_Debris_Longitude_Minute.000
Long m minutes DG_Debris_Longitude_ Minute
Octopus Count DG_Number_Octopus
Other crab Count DG_Number_Other_Crabs
Port Text DG_Debris_Offload_Location
Pot Code Count DG_Number_Pots_Recovered
Pot Condition Text "good" = suitable for reusing, "repair" = could be re-used once repairs were made; "junk" = not repairable nor re-usable DG_Debris_Pot_Condition
Recovery Vessel Text Name of the vessel that performed the derelict gear debris removal DG_Vessel_Name
Retrieved? Text Status of the derelict gear debris ('Removed', etc...) DG_Debris_Removed
Sand Dollars Count DG_Number_Sand_Dollars
Season Fished Text Age of the debris (new/old) DG_Debris_Age
Sea Stars Count DG_Number_Seastars
# Sublegal Crabs Count Number of male Dungeness crabs that are of sublegal size. DG_Number_Sublegal_Crabs
Technique Text "Pull" = same as commercial fishing method; "pump" = method used when crab pot has become stuck in sand or mud DG_Debris_Removed_Technique
Vessel Code Text Numerical code that is specific to a particular commercial fishing vessel; "Rec Pot" = recreational pots DG_Debris_Owner