Marine Debris Database

Cleanup Data

Protocol Description
Year Started
Created By
Coast Savers


Label Unit Description Internal Field
Cleanup Site Text REQUIRED for sites - Name of event site. Cleanup_site_name
County Text REQUIRED for site - County where event took place County
Created Date Date REQUIRED for sites, date of event Cleanup_date_start
Distance Cleaned miles The length of the beach covered by the cleanup in mi Cleanup_distance_miles
Dump: 55-Gal. Drums Count Number of 55 Gallon Drums 55_gallon_drums
Dump: Appliances Count Home_appliances
Dump: Batteries Count Small_batteries
Dump: Building Materials Count Construction_debris
Dump: Cars, Parts Count Number of cars or car parts Cars_car_parts
Dump: Tires Count Number of tires Number_Tires
Group Size Count Total number of volunteers at event Total_Volunteers
Local Concern1 Text Additional details and activites that took place at cleanup event Other_1_text
Local Concern1 Text None Other_Coast_Savers_1
Local Concern1 Qty Count None Other_Coast_Savers_items_1
Local Concern2 Text None Other_Coast_Savers_2
Local Concern2 Qty Count None Other_Coast_Savers_items_2
Local Concern3 Text None Other_Coast_Savers_3
Local Concern3 Qty Count None Other_Coast_Savers_items_3
Medical: Condoms Count Number of condoms Condoms
Medical: Diapers Count Number of diapers Diapers
Medical: Syringes Count Number of syringes Syringes
Medical: Tampons Count Number of feminine products Feminine_products
Ocean: Bait Packaging Count General_fishing_bait_containers
Ocean: Bleach/Cleaner Bottles Count Number of chemical cleaner containers Chemical_cleaner_containers
Ocean: Buoys/Floats Count General_bouys_floats
Ocean: Crab/Fish Traps Count Number of crab pots/traps Crab_pots_traps
Ocean: Crates Count Number of shipping crates Shipping_crates
Ocean: Fishing Line Count Number of pieces of fishing line General_fishing_line
Ocean: Fishing Lures/Light Sticks Count Number of plastic fishing lures or light sticks Plastic_fishing_lures_light_sticks
Ocean: Fishing Nets Count Number of fishing nets found General_fishing_nets
Ocean: Light Bulbs/Tubes Count Number of light bulb tubes Light_bulbs_tubes
Ocean: Oil/Lube Bottles Count Number of plastic oil bottles Plastic_oil_bottles
Ocean: Pallets Count Number of pallets Pallets
Ocean: Pesticide/Fumigant Containers Count None Chemical_poison_containers
Ocean: Plastic Sheets/Tarps Count Number of plastic tarps or plastic sheeting Plastic_tarps_sheeting
Ocean: Rope Count Number of pieces of rope General_rope
Ocean: Strapping Bands Count Number of pieces of strapping or bands General_strapping_bands
Shore: 6-Pack Holders Count Plastic_6_pack_rings
Shore: Bags (Paper) Count Paper_bags
Shore: Bags (Plastic) Count Plastic_bags
Shore: Balloons Count Plastic_balloons_ribbons
Shore: Bevrg Bottles (Plastic) Count Plastic_bottles
Shore: Bvrg Bottles (Glass) Count Number of glass bottles found Glass_bottles
Shore: Bvrg Cans Count Metal_beverage_cans
Shore: Caps, Lids Count General_caps_lids
Shore: Clothing, Shoes Count Clothing_towels_shoes
Shore: Cups Count Number of dishes or utensils General_food_dishes
Shore: Fireworks Count Fireworks
Shore: Food Packaging Count Number of food containers General_food_containers
Shore: Gun Shells Count Number of pieces of ammunition Ammunition
Shore: Pull Tabs Count Number of metal pull tabs Metal_pull_tabs
Shore: Straws, Stirrers Count Number of plastic straws or stirrers Plastic_straws_stirrers
Shore: Toys Count Number of toys Toys
Smoke: Cigarette Lighters Count Number of cigarette lighters Cigarette_lighters
Smoke: Cigarettes, Filters Count Number of cigarette butts Cigarette_butts
Smoke: Cigar Tips Count Number of cigar tips Cigar_tips
Smoke: Tobacco Packaging Count Number of cigarette packages Cigarette_packages
State Text REQUIRED for site - State where event took place State
Time Hours Cleanup_time
Trash Bags Filled Count Number_garbage_bags
Weight pounds Total pounds of debris collected at event Total_pounds_collected