Marine Debris Database

About the Database

Why was is created?

The Marine Debris Database was created by the Marine Debris Action Coordination Team (MD ACT) as part of the West Coast Governors Alliance (WCGA) on Ocean Health. The goal of this database is to consolidate and publish all of the beach clean up events and derelict fishing gear data collected along the West Coast into one central location.

What does it let me do?

With this database, you can explore all of the data that has been collected- whether it's seeing the location of events on the map, finding out how many cleanups were performed by a particular organization or location, viewing data collected from a specific event such as type of trash collected, viewing data aggregated from all events, downloading event data, or filtering the data and performing any of the aforementioned actions on the subset of data.

Who contributes data?

For a list of all contributors to the database, please refer to the list of organizations involved. We're also continually looking for additional organizations that are interested in using our database to manage their own marine debris data or contribute data. If you're interested in learning more about this database and how you can get involved, please contact Karen at