Marine Debris Database

The Database

This database provides comprehensive access to information on West Coast marine debris including beach cleanups and derelict gear removal. Learn more.

California Coastal Commission, ICC

Derelict Gear Removals


Site Cleanups


The Team

As part of the West Coast Governors Alliance (WCGA) on Ocean Health, the Marine Debris Action Coordination Team (ACT) brings together stakeholders and experts representing state, federal, regional, tribal, and not-for-profit organizations within Washington, Oregon, and California to create a framework to identify, assess, prevent and reduce marine debris.

The Impact

Marine debris is a pervasive global problem that impacts human safety, commerce, wildlife, and the environment. Much of the debris generated along the West Coast ends up in the Pacific Ocean, and its impacts can cross jurisdictional lines. Therefore, working collaboratively on a regional scale can increase the effectiveness of tackling this issue. Learn more.